The industrial partner for your electronics project

As part of the Agora Industries Group, a cluster of complementary high added value companies, MICROTEC specializes in the design, industrialization and manufacturing of electronic and mechatronic, boards and equipment, test engineering, prototyping, unitary industrial assembling, small and medium series, as well as the MCO.

MICROTEC focuses its activities mainly on the space, aerospace, defense, automotive and medical sectors.


Space Quality at the price of Aerospace

IPC and ECSS dual competence.

Proposal to optimize the cost of assembly by adapting the slider “process quality” to the best compromise “need/cost”.


Tailored service at each step

Microtec is the industrial partner on all or part of the process, from the design to the manufacturing of your electronic projects, offering its customers an “intervention at all steps”.

Innovation, Development, Expertise

a.  System architecture
b. Electronic board design
c. Equipment development
d. Test bench and tools design
e. Qualification and validation

Quick services


a. Mock-up (electronic boards, equipments…
b. Drawers and cabinets integration
c. Harnesses manufacturing

High Reliability PCB Assembling


b. Process qualifications
c. Sourcing components
d. Assembly and Control
e. Thermal cycling and tests

Integration of embedded equipments

a. Integration
b. Fonctional tests
c. Performance tests
d. ESS (Environment Stress Screening)

MRO (Maintain, repair and Overhaul)


a. Hot-line
b. Maintenance
c. Obsolescence management


Quality standard

> Service workshop audited and certified according to PART 145
> Wiring according to IPC610E and 6210B class 3
> ASF (French space agreement)
Thales Alenia Space: major subcontractor
> Liebherr Aerospace: approved repair station